MD5M Al Jensen Award

Alvin “Al” Edward Jensen was born on September 19, 1931 at Oak Park Illinois to Alvin and Helen Jensen. Al grew up in Chicago. As a boy he was active in the Boy Scouts of America and for many years played on a Drum and Bugle Corps. In high school Al participated on both the Swimming and Basket Ball teams. After high school, Al attended Wright Junior College where he also participated on the swimming team. Al then went to attend Northwestern University.

On October 2, 1954, Al was married to Shirley Headke. Al and Shirley have five children (1 girl and 4 boys) and several grandchildren. Al became Lion Al Jensen in 1975 when he joined the Golden Valley Minnesota Lions. Lion Al’s contributions as a Lion were many and varied. From the beginning he was a dedicated worker and a strong leader. He held most club offices and served willingly at the District level In 1983/84. Lion Al became Governor of District 5M5 and in 1984/85, he moved on to the position of Council Chairman.

For his effort and tireless work for Lions he was honored with the Lions Ambassador of Goodwill Award, the International Presidents Award, two Melvin Jones Awards and the Lions Distinguished Service Award. PCC Al also served for many years as the MD5M Representative to Leader Dogs for the Blind. PCC Al Jensen is mostly remembered as Lion Al Jensen, a caring, effective, dedicated but quiet leader. He was a man who taught by word and example. A man that could make meaningful suggestions without putting a person down. A man who knew when someone needed advice and how to give the advice in a way that strengthened their confidence and their leadership ability. A man who could affect change without making waves or causing problems. A man who was always available when advice was needed. A leader who helped people build their skills and self-confidence.

Lion Al was well known and highly respected from the grass roots level of Lionism in MD5M to the very highest offices in our association as a man who gave much and expected little in return. Lion Al Jensen had a deep love for what Lionism meant and he did everything he could to share that love with others. Lion Al died of cancer in 1995.

PDG Larry Meskan

Year: 2005/06

Club: Waterville

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Year: 2010/11

Club: Green Isle

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Year: 2017/18

Club: Stewart​​​

PDG Mary Ferleman

Year: 2018/19

Club: Albert Lea Lakeview

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Year: 2021/22

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