MD5M Cap Baker Award

Lion Chilton C. Baker was a Captain in the Spanish American War and was a charter member of the Grand Rapids Lions Club. He was known as C. C. “Cap” Baker.

Lion Baker was the guiding light for 47 years among Lions on a local, district and international sphere. CAP Baker spread the motto “We Serve” all over the District and through his dedication our Multiple became special.

The award came about by the MD5M Past District Governor Association members wanting something special to denote Past District Governors who have gone far beyond the call of duty asked of Past District Governors.

The award is given each year to two Past District Governor Association members for continued and extraordinary leadership and dedicated service.

PDG Jerry Schmeig

Year: 1992

PDG Larry Meskan

Year: 1993

PDG Bill Curtis

Year: 1995

PDG Ellsworth Becker

Year: 2006

PDG Mary Ferleman

Year: 2010

PID Debra Wasserman

Year: 2019

PID Maynard Rucks

Year: 2014